WordPress Support Plugin 1.0

Hey there, nice you’ve found me (probably from the WordPress plugin page ?). This is my first plugin I wrote for WordPress and I hope there will come much more so check me out in future. But ok nevermind, I will now tell you some more about the Support Plugin Version 1.0. The plugin allows you to communicate with other WordPress websites from a central point (website). Ways to communicate are: Support tickets, global messages and personal messages. The plugin uses XMLRPC as transaction protocol.


  • Why I developed this plugin.
  • How to install/configure the server & client plugin.
  • Support plugin

Why this plugin

“How can I communicate with clients on a fast and efficient way”? I started searching for solutions (Existing plugins) but they weren’t there. So I had to create something myself, that will force me to communicate from my own admin panel to all my clients admin panel. To make this work I used XML RPC (XML Remote Procedure Call) as transfer protocol, this will make me able to transfer information between websites in a secure way. After this I started developing and this the result.

Some information: What you see on the left side is the server plugin and on the right side you see 2 different WordPress websites which have both installed the client plugin. If the clients (WordPress websites) are configured correctly the server plugin can communicate with the 2 clients (WordPress websites) by answering support tickets, sending global messages and personal messages to the client/clients. The client plugin can receive global and personal messages from the server and send support tickets to the server.

How to install/configure server.

In this video I will explain you how to install and configure the server plugin. The server plugin can be downloaded here.

Info: Upload the admin directory to your FTP server and change the url path of the config.php & constants.php file. Create a new database and import the SQL file. Change the database.php file and the config.php (xmlrpc directory) with your own database credentials.

How to install/configure client plugin.

In this video I will show you how to install the client plugin and configure it.

Info: Search the plugin “support plugin” in the WordPress plugin db. Install and activate the plugin. Create 2 new websites in the admin panel. Fill in the information in the support settings page and that should make the connection between the server and client(s).


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