WordPress Support Plugin 1.0

Hey there, nice you’ve found me (probably from the WordPress plugin page ?). This is my first plugin I wrote for WordPress and I hope there will come much more so check me out in future. But ok nevermind, I will now tell you some more about the Support Plugin Version 1.0. The plugin allows..

How to make use of WordPress passwords

After reading some articles about people having troubles with using WordPress user credentials (login details username/password). I decided to make a tutorial how to make use of WordPress passwords by creating an external login script. This script will use the user information from your Word..

OpenCV Simple Motion Detection

WARNING: This post is now included in the Kerberos.io project. Motion detection is the process of detecting a change in position of an object relative to its surroundings or the change in the surroundings relative to an object. Motion de..

C++ Calculate Diameter of a Graph

The diameter d of a graph is the maximum eccentricity of any vertex in the graph. That is, d it is the greatest distance between any pair of vertices or. To find the diameter of a graph, first find the shortest path between each pair of vertices. The greatest length of any of these paths is ..

C++ Detect cycles in a Graph with indegrees

In graph theory, two types of object are commonly called cycles. One type of cycle, more commonly called a closed walk, consists of a sequence of vertices starting and ending at the same vertex, with each two consecutive vertices in the sequence adjacent to each other in the graph. The other..

Automated Assisted Living

Assisted living is a concept for seniors who need help with everyday tasks. They may need help with dressing, eating or brewing coffee, but they do not need full-time nursing care. Assisted living is more affordable than nursing home care, but it is still fairly expensive (staff costs). That..