How to monitor your open source back-end product with Google Analytics?

Imagine, you've been working for two years on a amazing open source application. It cost you blood, sweat and tears, to make it perfect. Your friends have banned you from their lives, because you always rejected their invitations, and never showed up on those freaky parties..

Deploy Arch Linux ARMv7 Image on the Raspberry Pi 2

Some weeks ago the new Raspberry Pi 2 has been released, I was realy amused by the new ARMv7 quad core and the increasement of 1 GB RAM. I couldn't let this slip through my hands and thus bought the new Raspberry Pi 2, to complete my collect.. Text-To-Speech output on motion detection is a project I've started working on about one year ago. In the meantime I've been developing and giving short talks at meetups to introduce I'm happy to say that is getting finished, the're still some little improvements ..

Install Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi

First you will need to download the Raspbian image; click on the image below. Once the image is downloaded you will need to transfer the image to a SD card; which is 4GB in size or bigger. If the image is transferred to the SD card you just have to plugin the SD card into your Raspberry Pi a..

Home surveillance: magnetic door protection with Text-To-Speech.

One of the "issues" we have at home is that we want to know when a specific door has been opened. We all know the door bell we've been using in shops for ages. When a customer enters the shop a bell will ring and the shop owner gets notified that someone entered; the bell was traditionally p..

OpenCV Simple Motion Detection: Concave hull optimization

WARNING: This post is now included in the project. In my previous blog post: simple motion detection with OpenCV, I mentioned problems such as sunlight, snow, win..