Create a Spy Camera, It's easy and cheap!

Honestly, everyone of us, especially the boys, have thought to hide a camera somewhere at his home or in a toy, without someone noticing that it's really there. Knowing what happened when you were away from home, can be fun and sometimes interesting; the so called nanny cam. Open-Source people counter

One of the new features that will be released in the next version of is the counter heuristic. The heuristic can be used to count incoming and outgoing objects, which is a very interesting feature for surveillanc..

Install Wheezy-Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi

First you will need to download the Raspbian image; click on the image below. Once the image is downloaded you will need to transfer the image to a SD card; which is 4GB in size or bigger. If the image is transferred to the SD card you just have to plugin the SD card into your Raspberry Pi a.. available on Docker

From today is available on the docker hub. This will allow our users to install with ease and in a very short time frame (a few minutes). Bye bye complex compilation an..

How to use AWS with your C++ application

Nowadays AWS is a known cloud computing service provider. AWS is used in a myriad of applications, to reduce hardware- and development costs. The main benefit of shifting complex functionality (e.g. load balancing, scaling, queuing) from your environment to ..

How to monitor your open source back-end product with Google Analytics?

Imagine, you've been working for two years on a amazing open source application. It cost you blood, sweat and tears, to make it perfect. Your friends have banned you from their lives, because you always rejected their invitations, and never showed up on those freaky parties..